Cleanroom Ear Loop Face Mask, Class 10, White, 50/bag

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  • Get Cleanroom Ear Loop Face Mask, Class 10, White, 50/bag TFMEL7-WH at Harmony
  • Cleanroom Ear Loop Face Mask, Class 10, White, 50/bag
  • Cleanroom Ear Loop Face Mask, Class 10, White, 50/bag
  • Cleanroom Ear Loop Face Mask, Class 10, White, 50/bag
  • Cleanroom Ear Loop Face Mask, Class 10, White, 50/bag
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TekniMask Cleanroom White Face Masks

High filtration, high comfort!

  • Class 10 compatible face masks are ultra-clean very low particle and fiber release, high 99.9% bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) and particle filtration efficiency (PFE).
  • 3 Ply pleated design of non-woven and melt-blown polypropylene layers perform better than non-woven polypropylene masks.
  • Slim plastic wire fits comfortably over the nose to maintain maximum filtration.
  • Full coverage 7" x 3.5" face masks fits snugly around the ears with elastic loops.
  • Latex-free, odor-free, shed-free.
  • Packaged in solvent-safe double bag cleanroom packaging, 50 face masks per pack.


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Cleanroom Ear Loop Face Mask, White

The white cleanroom face masks are ideal for use in diverse sensitive work environments, including medical practices, food processing factories, cleanrooms and general industrial operations.The efficiency of the white face masks can be attributed to the pleated design with three layers. Also, there is an aluminum wire which promotes maximum filtration by fitting over the nose. In addition, the ear loops, which are latex-free, prevent the mask from slipping even during strenuous tasks.
Comfortable Class 10 Cleanroom Face Masks. Cleanroom face masks constructed with an ultra-clean and ultra-low particle blend of non-woven and melt-blown polypropylene layers. Your operator comfort and contamination reduction are the forefront features of this cleanroom facemask. TekniMasks are better than your regular ol' non-woven polypropylene masks because they are odor-free and clean. Manufactured and double bagged in a cleanroom environment. You can worry less about contamination from your face masks when you use TekniMask.
Full face coverage comfortably reduces your contamination. This 3-layer pleated face mask provides 99.9% bacterial and particle filtration. Designed with non-woven (ES) filter element and meltblown (MBPP) outer layers. Cleanrooms and controlled environments trust our cleanroom facemasks to keep operator contamination at bay.

How To Wear Cleanroom Facemasks:
  1. Place the mask over your face with "OUT" print facing away from you
  2. Position nose wire over bridge of nose
  3. Place loops behind ears
  4. Pull and expand face masks slightly over mouth and chin
  5. Press nose wire over nose for maximum filtration

TekniMask Cleanroom Facemask Data Sheet

Suggested applications

  • Electronic, aerospace, medical device, cleanroom, critical environment, food handling/production, and industrial manufacturing.

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