TekniMask Cleanroom Face Mask, ISO 4 Class 10, Ear Loops, White, 50/box

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  • TekniMask Cleanroom Face Mask TM-EL-7B
  • TekniMask Cleanroom Face Mask TM-EL-7B, ear loop
  • TekniMask Cleanroom Face Mask TM-EL-7B, iso 4 class 10
  • TekniMask Cleanroom Face Mask TM-EL-7B, close-up
  • TekniMask Cleanroom Face Mask, worn
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About this Product

TekniMask Cleanroom Face Masks with Ear Loops, White

  • Ultra-clean and very low particle and fiber release, high 99.9% bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) and particle filtration efficiency (PFE).
  • 3 Ply pleated design of non-woven and melt-blown polypropylene layers.
  • Slim plastic wire fits comfortably over the nose to maintain maximum filtration.
  • Full coverage 7" x 3.5" fits snugly around the ears with elastic loops.
  • Latex-free, odor-free, shed-free.
  • Packaged in solvent-safe double bag cleanroom packaging, 50 per box.
  • Manufacturers Part Number: TM-EL-7B
  • Class 10 ISO 4 compatible


TekniMask Cleanroom Face Mask with Ear Loops

Three ply design that filters 99.9% of bacteria and particles. Ultra-Low Lint levels keep your environment safe and a thin plastic nose wire ensures proper fit. Get a box of 50 for your Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom Critical Environment. Manufactured and Package in a Cleanroom Environment. Masks come double-bagged. 

Ideal for use in diverse sensitive work environments, including nanotechnology, pharmaceutical manufacturing, biotech research, and other cleanroom environments. Rated for Class 10 Cleanrooms, its manufactured and packaged with critical environments in mind. Completely odor-free and clean. Worry less about contamination with 99.9% bacterial and particle filtration. Designed with non-woven (ES) filter element and melt blown (MBPP)outer layers. Trusted by Cleanrooms and controlled environments to keep operator contamination at bay.

How To Wear:

  1. Place over your face with "OUT" print facing away from you
  2. Position nose wire over bridge of nose
  3. Place loops behind ears
  4. Pull and expand slightly over mouth and chin
  5. Press nose wire over nose for maximum filtration

TekniMask Cleanroom Facemask Data Sheet

Suggested applications

  • Nanotechnology, semi-conductor manufacturing, aerospace, pharmaceutical, critical environments, and biotechnology.
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Technical Details

Nose Piece:
Flexible Plastic
Cleanroom Rating:
ISO 4 (Class 10)
Ear Loop
Basic Material (Front and back outer-material):
Non-Woven Polypropylene (ES)
Basic Material (Filtration Material):
Melt-blown Polypropylene (MBPP)
Types of Ties:
OP Ear-Loop
Normal Dimensions:
17.5xm * 9.5cm / 7" x 3.75"
Organic Contamination:
Silicon Free, Amides and DOP Free
Manufacturer Part Number:
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