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3M 7800S Full Face Respirator with Speaking Diaphragm, ea

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3M 7800 Series Full-Face Reusable Respirator with Speaking Diaphragm, Black

  • Premium Comfort Fit - Enhanced fit and durability with flexible silicone face piece that conforms to wearer's face. Six strap head suspension and double-flange faceseal for a secure fit.
  • Speaking Diaphragm - Helps provide clearer and easier communication while working.
  • Nose cup and Exhalation Valve - Nose cup comfortably fits over mouth and nose to aid in purging exhaled breath nd prevents lens fogging. 
  • Large lens - Scratch-resistant lens provide a wide field of vision and meet ANSI Z87.1-2003 high impact requirements.
  • Switch between three modes: air purifying respirator (APR), supplied air respirator (SA), and powered air purifying respirators (PAPR) with the 3M TR-600 and TR-800 when using BT-63 and BT-64 breathing tubes.
  • Reusable - Just dispose of the cartridge and filters when used to capacity. Respirator can be disassembled, cleaned and reused.
  • Getting started:
    • Choose a Full Face Respirator Mask size.
    • If you need just particulate protection, get a 2-pack of the: 3M 2071 (N95), 3M 2091 (P100), or 3M 2097 (P100 with Nuisance Level Organic Vapor  Relief).
    • If you need vapor protection, get a 2-pack of the: 3M 6001 (Organic Vapor) or 3M 6003 (Organic Vapor/Acid Gas) cartridges.
      • If you also need particulate protection, then get a box of the: 3M 5N11 (N95) or 3M 5P71 (P95) Particulate Filters and the 3M 501 Filter Retainer.
      • The 3M 60921 is a combination Organic Vapor/P100 cartridge and filter.

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