CleanTex CT803 ClearView Wipes 80/box

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  • CleanTex CT803 ClearView Wipes
  • CleanTex CT803 ClearView Wipes
  • CleanTex CT803 ClearView Wipes
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About this Product

CleanTex Clearview Wipes

Clean your monitor quickly, safely!

  • The original screen cleaner designed to clean and control static on large, heavily soiled screen surfaces.*
    • *Use HydroSorb I lint-free wiper to wipe screen dry to avoid streaking.
  • Ultra saturated, 100% polyester applicator holds up under vigorous cleaning.
  • Static control formula reduces static buildup.
  • Not for use on polarized anti-glare screens.
  • Packaged 80 CleanTex Clearview Wipes per box.
  • CleanTex Part# CT803
  • CleantTex Clearview Wipe dimension - 3" x 4"


CleanTex CT803 ClearView Wipes, 80/box

If you are looking for wipes to clean your monitor, nothing does it quicker and safely that CleanTex CT803 ClearView wipes. These wipes use HydroSorb I lint-free wiper which make them wipe your screen clean without causing streaking. Additionally, they are designed with a static control formula which helps you clean and control static on large and heavily soiled screens.

These wipes have ultra-saturated applicator made of 100% polyester which withstands vigorous cleaning. However, avoid using these wipes on polarized anti-glare screens.

Cross-Reference to Burroughs Part #75-1804-907

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Technical Details

Wipe Size:
3" x 4"
Wipe Material:
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Burroughs Part Number:
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