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Uvex Clear Plus Lens Cleaning Solution, Spray-Pump Bottle, 16 oz.


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Honeywell Uvex Clear Plus Lens Cleaning Solution, 16 oz.

  • 10 second cleaning - New and improved lens cleaning solution removes tough dirt, debris and oily fingerprints without leaving haze, streaks, or residue. Simply wipe soiled lenses with the solution for 10 seconds and let dry to reduce visible soil to below detectable limits (.2 to .3% haze).
  • Safe on any lens and coating - Non-toxic formulation is isopropanol and silicone-free. Cleans any lens or coated surface without degrading or delaminating lens material. Great for anti-fog and scratch-resistant hard coat lenses.
    • Please note that some coatings are fragile and will wear off over time, regardless of the cleaning regimen used. Not for use on contact lenses.
  • 16 oz spray bottle - Convenient spray-pump bottle reduces waste and can be refilled as needed. Bottle measures 1.95" W x 3" L x 10.25" H.
  • Can be used in temps as low as -40°C (-40°F) - Propriety formula reliably keeps lens fog-free where and when it matters.
  • Packaging - Sold by the each and by the case of (12) 16 oz bottles.
  • Honeywell Part# S471 - Replaces Honeywell Uvex #S463. 

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