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Tyvek TY657S-E Hoods, Elastic Face Closure, Made in USA, 25/pack


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Tyvek TY657S-E Hoods with Elastic Face Closure, Made in USA, 25/pack

Ideal for wet & dry environments

  • SAFE. Tyvek hoods are the best choice for wet and dry applications where superior barrier and repellency are needed. Protects against non-toxic liquid spray dirt and dust.
  • MULTI-USE. Tyvek hoods are ideal for Cleanrooms, medical, pharmaceutical, non-toxic liquid handling, industrial and general use
  • COMFORTABLE PROTECTION. Strong enough to resist tears - but soft breathable fabric is comfortable for all day wear. Elastic closure goes on fast.
  • Packaged: 25 Tyvek hoods per pack. 10 packs per case = 250 Tyvek hoods to a case.

Tyvek TY657S-E Hoods, Elastic Face Closure

Tyvek TY657S-E hoods with elastic face closure are the ideal hoods when working in a wet or dry environment where you need protection against non-toxins. The hoods act as a strong barrier and repellent against dirt, dust, and non-toxic liquid spray.

These products are made of a breathable material which is strong enough to withstand tears. They also contain an elastic closure that goes on fast. They are best suitable for use in medical field, pharmaceutical, handling of non-toxic liquid, cleanroom, industrial and general use.

Tyvek TY657S-E Hoods w/elastic face closure Technical Data Sheet.

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