Tyvek TY212S Lab Coats, Open Wrist, Snap Front, 30/case

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  •   Tyvek TY212S Lab Coats, Open Wrist, Snap Front, 30/case
  •   Tyvek TY212S Lab Coats, Open Wrist, Snap Front, 30/case
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Tyvek TY212S Lab Coats

America's Favorite!

  • Safe. The best choice for wet and dry applications where superior barrier and repellency are needed. Protects against non-toxic liquid spray dirt and dust.
  • Multi-Use. Ideal for Cleanrooms, medical, pharmaceutical, non-toxic liquid handling, industrial and general use.
  • Comfortable Protection. Strong enough to resist tears - but soft breathable fabric is comfortable for all day wear.
  • Full collar Tyvek Lab Coats with snap closure and 2 pockets.
  • 30 Tyvek Lab Coats to a case.
Tyvek# TY212S

Tyvek Lab Coats, White

Disposable Tyvek lab coats are ideal for protection in diverse work environments ranging from spray painting shops and laboratories to asbestos abatement and food processing. The protective apparel will prevent the infiltration of both dry and wet contaminants.
The inherent protection of Tyvek is superior to other materials. Unlike common disposable coats, this exceptional alternative does not use a protective laminate to create a barrier. Rather, the fabric itself creates a barrier that limits the flow of harmful particles.
In addition, the Tyvek lab coats designed to breathe easier and improve mobility. Take your stuff with you. These Tyvek lab coats have two sturdy front pockets.

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