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TekniMop 9% IPA Presaturated Disposable Microfiber Cleanroom Flat Mop Cover, Velcro Style, 100/case


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TekniMop 9% IPA Presaturated Disposable ISO 6-7 Cleanroom Microfiber Velcro Flat Mop

Increased convenience and efficiency!

  • Using a presaturated mop cover improves cleaning performance & consistency while reducing VOC's and open chemical mixing and transfer. 
    • Pre-saturated with 9% IPA and 91% WFI solution that cleans without damaging surfaces. 
    • Saturated mop will effectively cover >200 square foot area.
    • Oversaturated mops do not attract contaminants; undersaturated mops can repel contaminants.
  • Disposable (and 100% recyclable), single-use flat mops are convenient to use, encouraging compliance and ensuring quality control.
    • With no need to wash, single-use flat mops prevent cross-contamination and dilution of disinfectant from trapped contaminants.
    • Ergonomic and lightweight flat mop is easy to use on all surfaces - smooth, textured, walls, floors - and without fatiguing users.
  • Microfiber material has high surface area - picks up 99.9% of contaminants in one pass.
    • Made using 100% synthetic "non quat-binding" materials - no depletion of disinfectant or cleaners. Does not support bacteria.
    • Fleeced microfiber entrap bacteria, and removes them from your cleanroom with every wipe cover change.
    • High liquid holding capacity facilitates surface exposure and easy use. Saturated mop effectively covers >200 square feet area.
    • Compatible with most solvents and cleaning solutions.
  • Direct "hook and loop" attachment to mop frame for quick and easy installation.
  • ISO Class 6-7 (Class 1,000-10,000) compatible with very low particle and fiber levels. Great for controlled environments and medical institutions.
  • Size: 5" x 16"
  • Packaged 2 per pack, 50 packs per case = 100 velcro flat mop covers.

ISO 6-7 (Class 1,000 - 10,000) Direct Hook and Loop Velcro Mop Covers

TekniMop Disposable ISO 6-7 Cleanroom Microfiber Velcro Flat Mop

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