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Slice 10599 Long-Handled Utility Scraper


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Slice 10599 Long-Handled Heavy Duty Scraper

  • Finger-friendly ceramic safety blade - Non-sparking, non-conductive, non-magnetic ceramic blade with shallow cutting depth minimizes blade exposure to fingers. Blade cover included for added safety.
  • Ergonomic and efficient scraper - 12" long scraper with textured comfort grip and  4" wide blade tackles larger jobs efficiently. Blade is angled to encourage natural wrist and arm position to reduce likelihood of repetitive strain injury. Weighted to feel balanced but not too heavy.
  • Long lasting and maintenance free - Sturdy aluminum handle. Extremely hard ceramic blade never rusts and maintains sharpness for consistent cuts, lasting up to 11.2x longer than metal. Less blade changes = less injuries. 
  • No-tool blade change - Quick and simple blade replacements. Ships with a replaceable Slice 10538 Rounded Tip Ceramic Industrial Blades installed. Also compatible with 10539 Pointed Tip Industrial blades and 10540 Serrated Industrial Blades.

Slice long-handled scraper provides extra reach for users, which is helpful on large surfaces, especially in areas that require awkward angles. It’s much safer to use an extended-reach tool than to overstretch your body, especially if you’re on a ladder where you risk losing your balance. These scrapers also tend to have wider blades, making them ideal for large surface areas. A wider blade significantly cuts down on scraping, saving time and energy. Slice ceramic blades slip underneath and lift paint, adhesives, epoxies, and adhesives from smooth surfaces without buckling or shifting.

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12.07 x 4.9 x 1.32
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