Sellstrom KneePro Ultra Flex III Knee Pads, Gray or Green, 1/pair

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  • Sellstrom KneePro Ultra Flex III Knee Pads (S96110 KPUFO3)
  • Sellstrom KneePro Ultra Flex III Knee Pads (S96112 KPUFO3-G)
  • Sellstrom KneePro Ultra Flex III Knee Pads (S96112 KPUFO3-G)
  • Sellstrom KneePro Ultra Flex III Knee Pads (S96112 KPUFO3-G)
  • Sellstrom KneePro Ultra Flex III Knee Pads (S96112 KPUFO3-G)
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About this Product

Sellstrom KneePro Ultra Flex III Knee Pads

Designed to last!

  • The ultimate in knee protection, durably built for long lasting protection, comfort, and convenience.
  • Articulated hinged design and extra-wide woven straps are designed to stay in alignment with your legs all day - set them once and forget you are even wearing them.
  • Velcro-free soft elastic, extra-wide woven straps with reinforced sewn ends are placed well above and below the knee.
  • Built with strong, flexible hard plastic outer shells that extend well above, below and to the inside/outside of the knee for added knee and leg protection.
  • Curved, non-marking Grip-Strip designed for use in all applications without gumming up.
  • On the inside, pads offer a long lasting 5/8” closed cell foam pad for maximum comfort and protection.
  • Straps, Grip Strips & speedklips are replaceable.
  • Weight: 9 oz. each
  • Color: Choose from Grey with Orange Strip or OD Green.
  • Packaged: 1 pair of Ultra Flex III Work Knee Pads in a reusable mesh bag with one extra Quick-Snap clip.
  • Sellstrom Product #S96112, Model #KPUFO3-G.

Sellstrom’s KneePro Ultra Flex III knee pads have been the industry standard for more than 30 years. The articulating hinged design ensures proper placement all day long. The straps stay aligned with your legs in any position and will not bind behind the knee. Soft, elastic, extra-wide woven straps adjusted through the quick snap clips ensure quick and easy removal. Designed to be virtually indestructible, the hard plastic outer shell is extremely strong and durable and design considerations like metal rivet hinges and replacement straps, grip strips, and speedklips ensure years of service and heavy use. Features closed cell foam padding that doesn't absorb sweat (and thus won't stick) and the omission of velcro (which contaminates over time) extend their life and lower cost of ownership.

Common Applications:

  • Excellent for welders, ship builders, roofers, construction workers, flooring installers and anywhere hard working knee pads are required.
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