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Medline Biohazard Specimen Transport Bag with Absorbent, 6" x 9", 1000/case


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Specimen transport bags with absorbent sheet, zipper, and two-compartments isolate lab documents from specimen and absorb specimen contents in case of leak. View full description


Zip-Style Biohazard Specimen Transport Bags with Absorbent

  • Absorbent pad - Absorbent pad preinserted into specimen compartment absorbs contents in case of spill or leak.
  • Two-pouch design - Document pouch isolates patient specimen documents, helping to reduce contamination or accidental separation of specimen and paperwork
  • Zipper-style - Keeps your specimen safe and allows easy access with zipper locking compartment for a secure seal.
  • 2 mil thick - Bags withstand transport and handling.
  • Easy designation - Biohazard symbol printed on bag. Printed space to mark storage conditions: Frozen, Refrigerate, Room Temperature.
  • Packaging - 100 specimen transport bags per pack. 10 bags per case = 1000 bags.

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