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Kimtech A5 Cleanroom Integrated Hood & Mask, ISO 5, 75/case


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Kimtech Integrated Hood & Mask for ISO Class 5+ cleanrooms combines 2 donning steps into 1, closes gaps in protection, and is designed to accommodate different hairstyles and head shapes. View full description


Kimtech™ A5 Cleanroom Integrated Hood & Mask, ISO Class 5+

When you need a high-value combination of quality and comfort – as well as reliable cleanroom protection – you can trust Kimtech™ A5 Cleanroom Hood and Masks. They are combined and are made of 100% polypropylene breathable SMS fabric, which gives the wearer cloth-like comfort. This personal protective apparel is triple-bagged and vacuum packaged, suitable for ISO Class 5 or higher cleanrooms. They feature Clean-Don ties for easy gowning and are folded inside out. The protective hood-and-mask-combos are made without latex and are designed for single-use (disposable PPE). Kimberly-Clark Professional is a respected name in protective apparel, enabling you to deliver the reliable protection you’re required to provide and the peace of mind your team deserves.

  • Integrated Hood and mask - Combination hood and mask combines 2 donning steps into 1 and closes gaps in protection, limiting skin exposure around forehead and cheeks. Pull-down ties in back assist in gowning process.
  • One size fits most - Oval head design with stretch-fit elastic headband accommodates different hair styles and head shapes. 
  • Suitable for ISO Class 5 or higher cleanrooms - CE certified, Category III pb(6). Manufactured in an ISO-certified facility, clean-processed and packaged under cleanroom conditions.
  • Latex-free - Breathable, cloth-like SMS fabric is not made with natural rubber latex.
  • Double bag packaging - Bulk packaged 75 Kimtech™ A5 Cleanroom Integrated Hood and Mask Sets.

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ISO Class:
ISO 5 (Class 100)