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iNOX Wrap-Around Safety Glasses, Multiple Lens Options


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iNOX F-1 Wrap-Around Safety Glasses provide ANSI Certified comprehensive eye protection with their polycarbonate temples and single piece wrap-around lens design. View full description


iNOX F-1 Wrap-Around Safety Glasses

iNOX F-1 Wrap-Around Safety Glasses provide comprehensive eye protection with their polycarbonate temples and single piece wrap-around lens design. These ANSI certified glasses are designed to meet rigorous safety standards, making them perfect for various work environments. Equipped with quality lenses that have scratch-resistant coatings and filter 99% of harmful UV rays, iNOX F-1 Safety Glasses come in various lens options to suit different conditions. Choose from blue or silver mirror lenses for bright outdoor settings, grey lenses to reduce eye strain outdoors, clear lenses for maximum visibility indoors, or clear anti-fog coated lenses for environments with fluctuating temperatures.

  • Superior Safety - Polycarbonate temples and single piece wrap around lens provide superior protection. ANSI certified lens provide standard protection.
  • Quality Lens - Scratch resistant coating that filters 99% of harmful UV rays.
  • Certified Protection - ANSI Z87.1-2010 standard certified with many lens options to choose from to suit your environment.
  • Multiple Lens Options:
    • Blue or Silver Mirror - Ideal for bright outdoors conditions.
    • Grey lens - Reduce eye-strain in outdoor conditions.
    • Clear lens - Maximum visible light transmission that is perfect for indoor applications.
    • Clear Anti-Fog Coated lens - Ideal for environments with sudden temperature changes that can cause fogging, e.g. refrigerated or heated environments.
  • BONUS - Order 12 Safety Glasses and Get a Dispenser Box (See Photos)

When you order 12 iNOX F-1 Safety Glasses, you'll receive a convenient dispenser box for easy storage and access. These versatile glasses offer reliable protection and adaptability for a wide range of applications, ensuring your eyes remain safe and comfortable throughout the workday. Still have questions? Contact us or view this product's Data Sheet Here.

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