Disposable Microdenier Replacement Cleanroom Mop Cover, 150/case

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Disposable Microdenier Cleanroom Mop Cover Replacement

Compatible with the Texwipe® AlphaMop™ System!

  • Disposable, single-use flat mops are convenient to use, encouraging compliance and ensuring consistent quality control.
    • With no need to wash, single-use flat mops reduce cross-contamination risks and dilution of disinfectant from trapped contaminants.
    • Ergonomic and lightweight flat mop is easy to use on all surfaces and without fatiguing users. Cleans walls, ceilings, and floors effectively.
  • Microfiber material has high surface area - picks up and traps moisture and contaminants instead of just pushing.
    • High liquid holding capacity facilitates surface exposure and easy use.
    • Compatible with most common disinfectants, solvents and cleaning solutions.
  • Built to minimize particulate generation. Ultra low particle, Fiber NVR, and ION levels. Silicon, Amides, and DOP free.
    • Class 10 laundered and packaged. ISO Class 4-5 (Class 10-100) compatible.
  • Elastic banded mop cover allows for quick and frequent cover changes.
  • Sized to fit 8" x 15" flat mop frames.
  • Packaged 25 mop covers per bag, 6 bags per case = 150 replacement mop covers.
Compatible with Texwipe® AlphaMop™ TX7108 & TX7108A

Replacement for Texwipe® AlphaMop™ TX7118

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Technical Details

Mop Style:
Elastic Mop Cover
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