Disposable Exam Capes, White, 30 x 21 in., 100/case


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Disposable Exam Capes

Get the privacy you deserve!

  • Give your patients the privacy they deserve with a Disposable Exam Cape.
  • Constructed with a 3-Ply tissue/polyethylene coated paper/tissue material.
  • Size: 30" x 21".
  • 100 exam capes per case.

Disposable Exam Capes

If you are looking to provide your patients with privacy while keeping your expenses low, you should consider disposable exam capes. These products are manufactured using a low-cost tissue and polyethylene fabric, and the apparel is disposable, eliminating laundry expenses.
The disposable capes are lightweight and comfortable, and they are free of latex which causes adverse effects in some patients. The products also have attached ties for closure and fitting. Additionally, the apparel can be worn with the opening facing the front or the back.

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