Keyguard Microporous Apron, 28 x 36 in., 100/case

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  • Keyguard Microporous Apron, 28 x 36 in., 100/case | Harmony Lab and Safety Supplies
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About this Product


Keyguard Microporous Aprons

A Low Cost Alternative to Tyvek!

  • Comfortable, lightweight fabric ideal for when a dry particulate barrier is necessary. Treated with an anti-static agent.
  • Safe barrier against water based liquids. Resistant to light chemical splashes.
  • Multi use aprons ideal for nuclear power plants, cleanrooms, pharmaceuticals, labs, food handling, and non-toxic liquid handling.
  • Fitted with an overhead and waist strap.
  • Size: 28" x 36".
  • 100 microporous aprons per case.
The low cost alternative to Tyvek Aprons.

Suggested applications

  • Nuclear power plants, asbestos, food industry, paint spraying, fiberglass handling, lab/biohazards, cleanroom, medical, general cleaning, metal surface treating, pharmaceutical industry, and nontoxic liquid handling.


Keyguard Microporous Aprons

You should choose microporous aprons for your commercial or general industrial work environment if you are concerned about frontal protection for your workers. This lightweight disposable product is comfortable and breathable, and it is perfect for use in operations such as pharmaceuticals, food processing and cleanrooms.

The microporous apparel provides a particulate and solids barrier in the workplace. Moreover, the material is not vulnerable to water-based fluids and can withstand light chemical splashes. The disposable aprons come with a waist strap and overhead fit, ensuring a secure and ideal fit. 




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Technical Details

Apron Size:
28" x 36"
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