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Teknimop Cleanroom Pocket Mop Frame and Extendable Handle


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$19.99 - $89.99


Cleanroom Flat Mop Frame & Handle, Pocket Style

  • Mop frame and handles for use with pocket style cleanroom flat mops. Choose from a frame, handle, or a set* with both for convenience.
    • Set includes 1 frame and 1 4-6' extendable handle.
  • Frame:
    • Blue Polyethylene collapsible swivel mop frame can maneuver to reach confined areas that string mops cannot.
    • Frame size: 5" x 16"
  • Handle:
    • Cleanroom-grade extendable aluminum handles with polymer grip for pocket style flat mop frames.
    • Lightweight, ergonomic design can extend to improve working posture, reduce operator fatigue, and increase reach.
    • Available in 4'-6' and 14'-20' lengths
      • 14' handles may have an extended lead time and require special handling by UPS that will incur an additional handling surcharge during checkout.

Suggested applications:

    • Cleanroom, microelectronics, medical, printing, and general maintenance.

Extra Information

Mop Style:
Pocket Mop