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Autoclavable Cleanroom Labels, 1.5" Diameter, Blue or Pink, 300 Labels

Columbia Cleanroom

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Color-coded, Autoclavable, Class 10 Cleanroom Labels

Color-coded, Class 10®, Autoclavable Cleanroom Labels are intended for use with a laser or inkjet printer. Color-coded autoclavable cleanroom labels are made from custom cleanroom BOPP and come with a permanent adhesive. Cleanroom-specific BOPP is used to prevent growth on label surfaces. These labels can be wiped down with IPA and will not spread ink. The blue or pink coding of labels is intended to differentiate use of autoclavable labels from standard labels, like Avery Labels, but can also used for departmental categorization or other cleanroom needs. Use for Class 10 – Class 1000 cleanrooms

  • 1.5" diameter per label. 20 labels per 8.5" x 11" sheet. 15 sheets per pack = 300 labels.
  • Choose from Blue and Pink labels for color coding.
  • Made from BOPP (Biaxially Orientated Polypropylene) for easy printability and resistance to water, oil, and common solvents, bleaches, and disinfectants. Excellent for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Compatible with Ballpoint pen, rollerball, gel, pencil, permanent marker.
  • Recommended surfaces: Drums, totes, pails, fiber, jugs, bottles, plastic, metal, painted metal, polycarbonate, glass, corrugated boxes, paper.

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Columbia Cleanroom
Paper Size:
8.5" x 11"