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Brady B-946 Green Vinyl Pipe Marker with Arrows Tape, 1" or 2", 30 yd., ea


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Brady B-946 Pipe Marker Directional Arrow Tape, Vinyl, 1 inch x 30 yard

Provide 360° visibility to your indoor and outdoor pipe markers with this durable Indoor/Outdoor Pressure Sensitive Vinyl (B-946) directional flow arrow tape. B-946 Vinyl Arrow Tape is supplied in liner-mounted rolled form - use two bands per pipe marker

  • Highly visible and adhesive - High gloss flexible vinyl tape with a permanent cold temperature pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive shines and adds 360° visibility to pipes and valves.
  • 8-10 year outdoor durability - Printed with weather resistant inks. Good weather, abrasion, chemical, oil and water resistance.
  • Service temperature - -40 °F - 180 °F.
  • 2 width options - 1 and 2 inch width rolls, 30 yard length and 0.004 inch thick.
  • 3 color options - White Arrows on Green tape.
  • Note - Not recommended for adhesion to Bare Concrete or Unpainted Wood.

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