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3M Versaflo TR-6820N HEPA & Nuisance OV Filter for TR-600 PAPR, 5/case

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3M Versaflo HEPA & Nuisance OV Filter for TR-600 PAPR, TR-6820N 

Light and small HE filter!

  • Combination High Efficiency (HE) particulate filter and approved cartridge for Hydrogen Fluoride treated to also remove certain nuisance level organic vapors for comfort.
  • Lighter and smaller than a full size cartridge.
  • Suitable for some smelting operations and operations where the primary hazard is particulate but nuisance odors are also present, such as:
    • Mold remediation, pharmaceutical and cosmetics manufacturing, coking, foundries & metal working, food processing, waste handling or composting.
  • NIOSH approved.
  • For use with the 3M Versaflo TR-600 series PAPRs.

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