Visitor and High Impact Glasses

Visitor and High Impact Glasses

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  • iNOX Armour Visitor Glasses, Gray at Harmony Lab and Safety

    iNOX Armour Visitor's Glasses, Multiple Frame Color Options, 12/case


    iNOX Armour 1750 Series Wrap Around Visitor's Safety Glasses Great Protection, Great Price! Low Cost Protection. Wrap around style with UV Protective polycarbonate lens Comfortable. Molded bridge fits snugly on face. Can be worn over prescription...
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    Clear Lens
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    Gray Lens
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    Amber Lens
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High Impact Visitor Safety Glasses

Don't expose your visitors to harmful elements and hazards present at your warehouse or facility. To protect your visitors eyes from various chemicals and hazardous elements, Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies offers a variety of High Impact Visitors Safety Glasses that are easy to wear and tough to break. They are built with a polycarbonate frame and lens with features such as anti-scratch coating, dielectric design, and OTG design to fit over prescription eyewear.  

We only offer Visitors Safety Glasses that are thoroughly tested to meet ANSI Z87.1 Eye and Face Protection standards for durability, high-mass and high-velocity impact. As a responsible safety manager, you should have a set of Safety Glasses For Visitors in the facility so that your visitors leave the place unharmed. The majority of workplace eye injuries are caused by tiny flying objects. Your employees have the skills and appropriate safety goggles to protect their eyes, but your visitors do not have the equipment to protect themselves.

iNOX Visitor's Glasses offer comfortable and easy-to-use High Impact eye protection that can be used over prescription glasses. You can find a comprehensive range of visitors and high impact safety goggles with clear or smoke lens. Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies does not compromise on quality and delivers the best possible products at your doorstep without putting too much burden on your budget. Give us a call at (800) 899-1255 to place your order or chat with us online!