Honeywell North 5500 Half Mask Respirator, each

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  •  550030L Honeywell North 5500 Half Mask Respirator, each
  •  550030L Honeywell North 5500 Half Mask Respirator, each


Honeywell North 5500 Series Half Mask Respirator

Silicone seal for a comfortable, secure fit!

  • Half Mask designed to provide many of the same features found in premium masks at a more economic price.
  • Strategic placement of the exhalation valve means that more breath leaves the mask swiftly, creating a cooler environment for the wearer.
  • Direct cartridge to facepiece seal minimizes replacement parts and simplifies maintenance.
  • Upper headstraps have minimum give to provide secure support.
  • Lower headstraps stretch and move with the worker for more comfort without pulling on the facepiece.
  • Converts to PAPR or supplied air respirator.
  • Latex-free. Ideal for workers with latex allergies.
  • NIOSH Certified.
  • Size: Medium & Large.  Medium fits most.
  • Packaged one reusable half mask respirator with resealable bag.
  • Cartridge sold separately.


Q. What size respirator do I need?
A. The size Medium will generally fit 80% of the population. You'll more or less know if you need a size larger or smaller based on your previous experiences with hats, glasses, helmets, etc.

Q. When should I replace my filter?
A. Particulate filters will eventually clog up, so they should be changed when it becomes difficult to breathe regularly. Dirty or damaged filters should also be replaced. Filters past the expiration date printed on the packaging should not be used.

Q. How should I store respirator and filters?
A. Cleaned Respirators and components should be stored in a sealed, airtight bag or container and placed in a cool and dry environment away from contaminated atmospheres. You can’t turn a respirator off; it’ll even filter ambient air if you let it, so extend its life with proper storage.


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