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Self-Saturating Alcohol Foam Snap Swabs, 99.9 IPA, 25/bag

Harmony Lab

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Harmony Self-Saturating Alcohol Foam Snap Swabs are a must-have for any sign shop or print shop. These lint-free foam swabs saturate with 99.9% isopropyl alcohol for convenient cleaning of print heads and other delicate surfaces. View full description
$12.99 - $119.99


Harmony Lab Self-Saturating Alcohol Foam Swab, 4.5", 99.9% Isopropyl Alcohol

Self-saturating isopropyl alcohol swabs arrive pre-filled to instantly go to work. To fill the tip, just press and squeeze the handle on the swabs to "snap" it, releasing just the right amount of cleaning solution into the swab head for effective and sustained cleaning. The 100 ppi open-cell polyurethane foam swab tip is lint-free and nonabrasive, and the isopropyl alcohol evaporates quickly without leaving residue. A highly effective general purpose cleaning swab for sensitive surfaces, electronic components and laboratory equipment. Remove residue, soils, dirts, debris, and ink stains from optical lens and sensors, magnetic head devices, thermal print heads, inkjet printers, ATM/POS terminals, card readers, computer monitors, keyboards, monitors, and other office and lab equipment. 

  • Simply squeeze the hollow handle to break the seal and squeeze - allowing the isopropyl alcohol to saturate the foam tip.
  • Nonabrasive and absorbent tip. The foam tip provides consistent force and cleanliness for cleaning small and hard to reach areas.
  • Self-saturated Alcohol Swabs are filled with 1.5 ml of 99.9% IPA.
  • Wide Paddle Foam Tip Applicator Dimensions: 25 mm (.984") length, 15 mm (.591") width. 
  • Clear Polypropylene Handle Dimensions: 89.0 mm (3.50"), Overall length 114 mm (4.49").
  • Packaged: 25 Harmony Self-Saturating Alcohol swabs to a bag. 10 bags per case = 250 swabs. 

Common Applications:

  • Cleaning applications: Optical and magnetic head devices, lens and sensors, electronic components, thermal printers (card printers, barcode printers, label printers, receipt printers), inkjet printers, print heads, card readers, computer monitors and keyboards, and more critical surfaces.
  • Removing lubricants, adhesives residues, debris or other contaminants.
  • Cleaning small, slotted and hard to reach areas with solvents.

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