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Cotton Tip

Cotton Tip

Sterile Cotton Swabs

Reliable general-purpose sterile cotton swabs for whatever your application. Our sterile cotton swabs are made from domestic (USA) pharmaceutical grade spun cotton fiber. Cotton swabs are very absorbent, soft, low cost, and safe to use. Great for specimen/cell collection for DNA testing, especially DNA Free sterilized cotton swabs. Shop our wide assortment of reliable general purpose sterile cotton swabs. Most of our sterilized cotton swabs are Made in the USA.

Sterile cotton swabs are some of the most essential general-purpose supplies for medical and lab applications. It doesn't matter if you are looking for swabs for dressing, cleaning, specimen collection, DNA testing or applying topical dressings, these medical cotton swabs will be able to handle any job. Unlike other types of cotton swabs, Puritan Medical Products sterile swabs tend to be individually wrapped to prevent sample contamination and feature domestic (American) pharmaceutical-grade spun cotton fiber tips. At Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies, you'll find sterile swabs at a great price for your specific applications.

We have a large variety of sterilized cotton swabs, and we know it can be difficult to find the perfect type for your needs. We have Puritan sterile cotton swabs with wood shafts, plastic shafts, aluminum shafts, transport tubes, Cap-Shure tops and other great features. Sterile swabs with wood shafts are a bit more rigid, whereas styles with plastic shafts tend to have more give. We also have sterile cotton swabs with aluminum shafts, which may be appropriate for applications where even more flexibility is required. Puritan Sterile Cotton Swabs with plastic shafts come in different colors yellow, pink, blue and white for color-coding applications.

Choose dry transport systems with sterilized cotton swabs and transport tubes if you want to be able to create a safe, sterile transport for specimen collection. These swabs securely hold the swab in place for collection and transportation applications. If you aren't sure which kind of swab is best-suited for your environment or applications, simply reach out to us and our customer service team will be happy to provide you with personalized advice. And don't forget to explore our complete selection of swabs and applicators to find more specialized options tailor-made to your environment and use.