Sontara AC1212 Aerospace Wipes, 12 x 12 in., 100/bag

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Harmony Price: $14.99

DuPont Sontara AC1212 Aerospace Wipes

Stands up to solvents without falling apart!

  • High Strength. Stands up to isopropyl alcohol, MEK5, MPK6 , and other aggressive solvents without falling apart.
  • High Abrasion Resistance. Durable, less likely to snag on metal parts and sharp corners.
  • Low Lint. Non-woven dry wipes with low-linting performance helps to minimize defects and contamination.
  • High Absorbency. Jobs are completed quickly.
  • Exceptionally clean. Contains no binders, chemical residue, or contaminants that can result in surface damage.
  • Wipe Size: 12" x 12".
  • Packaged: 100 Dupont Sontara Wipes per bag. Save even more when you order a case of 10 bags.
  • Sontara Part# AC1212.
  • Meets Industry Standards.
Sontara# AC1212
Made in USA Made in USA

Dupont Sontara® Aerospace Grade Wipes

If you need a high-quality wipe that will stand up to solvents without falling apart, then we highly recommend Sontara Aerospace Grade Wipes. These Aerospace Grade wipes contain no binders, chemical residue or contaminants that could damage surfaces, and are designed to stand up well to use with aggressive solvents like isopropyl alcohol, ME5K, M9K6 and more. Sontara EC Wipes are another durable yet economical option, offering a solvent-resistant, low-lint design. These wipes are soft enough for polishing and finishing applications, and contain zero additives, so they won't contaminate surfaces. These wipes are available by the 100-wipe bag or box to meet your particular needs.

Some of our most versatile wipes are Sontara Wet/Dry Automotive Paint Prep Wipes, which offer a large, lint-free design that works well in both wet and dry applications. What's more, the higher levels of absorbency make these wipes ideal for applying solvents as well as wiping away liquids and lifting contaminants prior to painting. These wipes, Sontara EC Wipes and Sontara Aerospace Wipes are packaged in a convenient pop-up box so that you can easily grab wipes as you need them. Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies offers fast shipping on these American-made wipes, plus discounts and deals to help ensure that they meet your budget.  

Flat-Packed DuPont Sontara Non-Woven AC1212 white wipes. Sontara® Aerospace Grade Wipes are great for wiping surfaces dry, cleaning hard-to-reach crevices, and for use on metal parts and corners because they are specially engineered to resist snagging.

Features ideal for aerospace manufacturing and maintenance. Suitable for aerospace and industrial cleanrooms. Great for a wide range of other important applications. Enables critical cleaning essential to industries like biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, electronics, and power generation. Equally effective in machining operations, coating preparation, and military weapons maintenance. Consistently clean, exceptionally absorbent.

Every DuPont™ Sontara® aerospace grade wipe is clean right out of the box. Made of “thirsty” fiber blends that contain no additives that hinder absorbency. Ideal for cleaning hard-to-reach corners and crevices. Specially engineered to resist snagging on metal parts and corners. Superior to paper wipes that snag and tear, leaving lint behind. Outperforms cheesecloth, which can fray and leave behind threads that result in rework. Non-woven dry wipes that are smooth and ideal for tool and equipment cleaning. Prep surfaces prior to coating application. Perfect for complete surface cleaning. Resists solvents and are super absorbent.

Suitable for: Weapon systems maintenance, Laboratories and production areas, Aerospace vehicle production, Composites manufacturing, Heavy equipment maintenance, Surface preparation before coating, sealant or adhesive application.

DuPont Aerospace Grade wipes in a bag of 12" x 12" wipes
DuPont™ Sontara® Aerospace Grade Wipes (Style K802) meet the rigorous specifications of:

  • Aerospace Material Specification AMS 3819C, Class 2, Grade A
  • Boeing Material Specification BMS 15-5F Class A, - superseded by AMS3819, Class 1, 2, or 4, Grade A or B, Form 1.
  • Bombardier Aerospace [based on AMS-3819, BMS-15-5F, and DMS-1820E]
  • Cessna Aircraft Company CSFS039 [based on AMS-3819B]Douglas Material Specifications DMS 1820E
  • Japan Defense Agency - approved based on USAF T.O. 1-1-8
  • Pratt & Whitney GA100-11E [approved for use in production of jet engines]
  • U.S. Air Force T.O. 1-1-8US Navy [based on AMS-3819B compliance.]
  • ISO Class Compatable: ISO 5 Class 100 / ISO 6 Class 1,000 / ISO 7 Class 10,000 / ISO 8 Class 100,000

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Wipe Size:
12" x 12"
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