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Sontara Aerospace Wipes, 9 x 16.5 in., 100/box


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Sontara Aerospace wipes are designed to ensure all cleaning requirements are met for aviation manufacturing and maintenance. These strong and absorbent wipes resist snagg and aggressive solvents, contain no binders and are practically lint-free. View full description
$21.99 - $159.99


DuPont Sontara AC Aerospace Grade Wipes, 9" x 16.5"

  • High strength. Stands up to isopropyl alcohol, MEK5, MPK6, and other aggressive solvents without falling apart.
  • High absorbency rate, means your jobs are completed quickly.
  • Exceptionally clean. Contains no binders, chemical residue, or contaminants that can result in surface damage.
  • High abrasion resistance. Durable, Less likely to snag on metal parts and sharp corners.
  • Low-linting performance helps to minimize defects and contamination. Size: 9 in. x 16.5".
  • Packaged: 100 Sontara wipes per pop-up dispenser box. 8 boxes per case = 800 aerospace wipes.
  • Sontara Part# AC9165A.
Sontara# AC9165A
Made in USA Made in USA

Product Features

Why are Sontara Wipes Preferred?

  • Aerospace grade wipes are highly absorbent in nature and they are superbly clean right out of the box.
  • When you use reusable or other types of towels for the cleaning process, there might be chemical stains and residues still left on the cloth making it vulnerable to blots and marks on the cleaning surface.
  • When you use cleaning rags made from used clothing, there are chances that they don’t have the ultimate absorbent power that are required for the critical cleaning process. In fact, such rags are often stained and greased from the beginning.

DuPont™ Sontara® Aerospace Grade Wipes (Finish Style K802) meet the rigorous specifications of:

  • Aerospace Material Specification AMS 3819D, Class 2, Grade A
  • Boeing Material Specification BMS 15-5F, Class A - superseded by AMS3819, Class 1, 2, or 4, Grade A or B, Form 1.
  • Bombardier Aerospace [based on AMS-3819, BMS-15-5F, and DMS-1820E]
  • Cessna Aircraft Company CSFS039 [based on AMS-3819B]Douglas Material Specifications DMS 1820E
  • Japan Defense Agency - approved based on USAF T.O. 1-1-8
  • Pratt & Whitney GA100-11E [approved for use in production of jet engines]
  • U.S. Air Force T.O. 1-1-8US Navy [based on AMS-3819B compliance.]

Ideal for Cleaning - It wouldn't be right to involve rental towels or rags from already used clothes in the cleaning and maintenance process of different parts of industry. Aerospace grade wipes are considered apt for wiping surfaces clean and dry since they don’t contain any additives that can hamper the absorbency of the wipes. They are tough and durable, absorbent, and stand up to solvents without falling apart.

Superior to Other Cleaning Wipes - If you have the need to clean and maintain corners and crevices that are hard to reach, aerospace grade wipes are the best option available. They are specially designed and engineered to defy snagging on metal objects and corners. This is one of the main reasons why they are preferred to the other wipes that tend to tear and not stand up to solvents.

Extra Information

Wipe Size:
9" x 16.5"