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Sani-Com® Wipes

Kills 99.999% of bacteria

  • Single-Use. Individually wrapped and sealed presaturated cleaning towelette.
  • Multi-Purpose. Use as a hand sanitizer and on Telecommunication, Respiratory and Other Equipment.
  • Antimicrobial. Kills 99.999 Percent of Bacteria in 15 Seconds.
    • Tested to AOAC 960.09 (Microbial Time Challenge Kill Study Germicidal Action of Disinfectants).
    • Active Ingredient: Benzalkonium Chloride - 0.1%.
  • Towelette Size: 5.5" x 8". Packet size: 2" x 3".
  • Choose from a box of 200 Individually-Wrapped and Sealed Packets or a case of 6 boxes.

Made in USA Made in USA

Sani-Com Cleaning Towelettes are a good choice when you want to maintain the cleanliness of your telecommunications and respiratory equipment. They can also be used to clean and disinfect telephones, cell phones and computers. Safe enough to use as a hand sanitizer too. Sani-Com wipes effectively get rid of germs since they are antimicrobial and kill 99.999% bacteria in just 15 seconds. Since they are packed in a portable package, they are suitable for use in field service applications.

Celeste Corp manufactures Sani-Com cleaning wipes and are widespread in call centers. Also used by pilots to clean reusable respirators, communication equipment and computer supplies can be safely cleaned with Sani-Com.

We ship 98 percent of our orders out on the same day we receive them, so that you have your business supplies as quickly as possible. Have a question? Our team of expert customer service representatives are here to answer your questions.

“Very fast delivery. My order was shipped out within hours of it being placed. The Sani-com 3205 wipes have been my go to mask wipes for aviation smoke masks at work and my CPAP mask at home for years. Excellent product.” -Jonathan G.

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Additional Information

Active Ingredient:
0.1% Benzalkonium Chloride
Country of Origin:
Wipe Size:
5.5" x 8"
Packet Size:
2" x 3"
Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area
Shelf Life:
36 months from date of manufacture
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