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Currency Counter Cleaning Cards, 15/Box

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  • KICTeam XKW3-CC3625B15WS Currency Counter Cleaning Cards with Waffletechnology, 15/box
  • Currency Counter Cleaning Cards, 15/Box
  • Currency Counter Cleaning Cards, 15/Box
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Currency Counter Cleaning Cards, 15/box

Unique Waffletechnology cleans better than traditional flat cards.

  • Flexible, raised platforms on the card increase the pressure applied during transport, resulting in a deeper clean than flat cards. Gets into recessed areas that flat cards cannot get to, thoroughly cleaning your currency counter machine.
  • Cleans the note recognition sensors, currency pathways and transport belts of your currency counter machine.
  • Use to clean your currency counter once per week, or more frequently after periods of high usage.
  • Designed to clean currency counters from a wide range of manufacturers.
  • 15 KICTeam Currency Counter Cleaning Cards per box.
  • KICTeam Part# KW3-CC3625B15WS.
Kic Team# KW3-CC3625B15WS
Money is exceptionally dirty and can cause counting inaccuracies if not cleaned properly. Currency counter cleaning cards with a patented Waffletechnology design cleans the note recognition lenses and the surfaces around the belts and rollers, removing more debris than other types of cleaning products. The card will clean rollers and feed paths as well. If held briefly in place prior to releasing into the your currency counter the card will burnish rollers, which will improve the feed. Maintaining these critical components on a regular basis will prolong the life of your currency counting machine and reduce tally shortages and bill slippages. It is generally recommended to clean your counting machine weekly. Just insert the card in the same manner that you would currency.

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