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Mask-Out Spray, Kraft, 12/case

Harmony Price: $78.99
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Harmony Price: $78.99
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Marsh Mask-Out Spray

Reuse cartons, save money

  • Marsh Mask-Out provides fast drying, waterproof, permanent coverage on old cartons.
  • 11 Net ounces per can.
  • 12 Cans of Marsh Mask-Out per case.
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Made in USA Made in USA
Mask out markings to reuse your material.
It’s time to put old, used cartons back to work and save money. Harmony Business Supplies makes it possible for you by providing Marsh Mask-Out Spray which provides fast drying, waterproof, and permanent coverage on old cartons. Now you can cover old information on boxes, crates or drums and reuse them for new applications. Marsh Mask-Out Paint or mark over Spray can be used on any surface to cover old marks and give the surface a completely refreshed look. The text and shapes on cardboard boxes can be easily masked out. After covering the old marks, you can reprint the surface and put it back to work again.
If a permanent marker is used on a cardboard, it can be very difficult to remove markings because cardboard absorbs the ink. Excessive use of liquids can distort the cardboard. Other Do-it-yourself techniques do not work when it comes to masking out a large number of cardboards and cartons. This is where Marsh Mask-Out spray comes into play to resolve your problem. Harmony Business Supplies offers durable and proven mask-out solution at very reasonable prices. You will get 10 cans of Marsh Mask-Out per case. Contact us, or Call us now at (800) 899-1255 to place your order! Browse more Marsh Stencil Supplies.

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