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Dynarex Disposable Patient Gowns, Blue, Mauve, or White, 50/case


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Convenient gowns for exams and office procedures, in a universal size. View full description


Disposable Patient Gowns, Universal Size

The Dynarex Exam Gowns are constructed of a 3-ply, tissue poly tissue and have universal sizing for ease of use, included with plastic ties. These exam gowns are ideal for routine exams and office procedures, to facilitate every medical examination without sacrificing patient modesty.

  • Strong and reliable protection - 3-ply (tissue, poly, tissue) patient gown for added protection against fluids.
  • Hygienic - Single-use, disposable gowns allow for optimal hygiene
  • Comfortable - Soft and breathable.
  • Universal size - 43" Sleeveless gowns with plastic ties fits most.
  • 3 color choices - Available in Blue, White, or Mauve.

Disposable Patient Gowns

The disposable patient gowns are made using a three-ply material consisting of two tissue layers and polyethylene-coated paper. The universal-size apparel is an economical choice for routine exams and office procedures, and the gowns are single-use products which do not demand laundry expenses. The design of the patient gown allows for wearing with the opening either in the front or back, depending on the need. Also, there are ties attached to the apparel to ensure that the fit is snug. In addition, you can choose white, blue, or mauve patient gowns.

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