Stencil Oilboard 6 in. x 24 in., 40 lbs, 520/case

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Marsh Oil Boards, 6" x 24", 520/case

Resists ink bleed-through and results in clean, sharp marks.

  • Oils in the paperboard lubricate the punches each time a character is cut which extends the life of the stencil machine.
  • Cut with the grain to maintain rigidity.
  • Ideal for flat or curved surfaces. Will not tear or pull when cut.
  • Quantity approximated by weight. 40 lbs/case = 520 oiled stencil boards.
  • .015 "standard board" is perfect for cutting 1/2 in. and larger characters. If you are cutting smaller, just call us and we can get .007 "thin board"

Made in USA Made in USA


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