Pacific Handy Cutter CL36 Clip-On Coil Lanyard, For Utility Knives and Safety Cutters, Extends to 48 Inches

Pacific Handy Cutter

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Pacific Handy Cutter CL36 Clip-On Coil Lanyard, For Utility Knives and Safety Cutters, Extends to 48 Inches

The CL-36 Coil Lanyard is multipurpose and the elastic cord easily stretches to facilitate any normal cutting motions. Users observe noticeable increases in cutter retention and report substantial reductions in replacement costs when utilized in combination with any PHC safety cutter and holster. It can also be attached to a work station to keep the tool close at hand. You wont ever have trouble locating your utility knives and cutters every again.

Made of a silver elastic coil the lanyard is 10" when relaxed and extends up to 48" meaning you can use it for a plethora of tasks. Carry it with you everywhere with a loop on one end and a sturdy clip on the other. Clip it security onto your Pacific Handy Cutter utility knife and prevent misplacement or sneaky coworkers trying to get your beloved utility knife. You can even attach this coil to workstations in order to provide the best tools for the job at hand

  • Rugged – A durable elastic cord keeps your cutter where it needs to be and prevents drops, dings, and replacements. You can even attach the cord to a workstation when not in use to ensure it stays put. You wont ever lose a utility knife again with PHC CL36 coil lanyard.
  • Dependable – Easily stretch the coil cord up to 48″ to facilitate a relaxed, comfortable cutting position. Don’t struggle! Pacific Handy Cutter is a leader in dependably safe products that maximize effectiveness and efficiency without sacrificing safety.
  • Compatible – the PHC CL36 Lanyard is compatible with ANY Pacific Handy Cutter utility knife, safety cutter, film cutter and holsters. Whatever PHC cutter you choose will compliment the CL36 lanyard easily. Pacific Handy Cutter makes it easy to keep you at your best.
  • Multipurpose - Elastic cord keeps your cutter near you, preventing misplacement and replacement. Coil-cord easily stretches to facilitate normal cutting motions and works with any Pacific Handy Cutter safety cutter and holster.
  • Dimensions: 10" H (at rest) x .25" W x .25" L.
  • Can be attached to work stations to keep your tools close at hand.

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