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Toe Grounder with 1 Meg Resister, each


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Estatec Toe Grounder with 1MegOhm Resistor 

  • Reliable path to ground - Toe Grounder with 1 MegOhm Resistor and 16" conductive ribbon grounds mobile operators and discharges electrostatic charges. Conductive material meets ANSI/ESD S20.20-2014 and ANSI/ED SP9.2-2003 standards.
  • Hook and loop fastener - Toe style foot grounder grounds footwear that won't fit in standard heel grounders, such as high heels, boots, or tennis shoes. Hook and loop fastener fits a variety of shoes sizes comfortably and allows for quick fit adjustments.
  • Non-marking 2-layer rubber - Heel cup is made from an outer conductive layer and inner non-marking layer.
  • Long-lasting and traceable - Foot grounder can be cleaned with a damp cloth. 1 MegOhm resistor is enclosed for longer lifetime. Traceable via bar code. 
  • Sold by the each - It is recommended users wear shoe grounders on both feet to maintain consistent grounding while in motion.
  • For use in conjunction with ESD flooring and matting - Foot grounders only function properly by connecting to a grounded walking surface.

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