Jackson Safety N95 Pouch Style Respirator, 50/bag


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Jackson Safety N95 Disposable Respirator, 50/box

NIOSH Certified easy-to-breathe pouch designed and made in the USA

  • NIOSH Certified TC# 84A-9042 - Minimum of 95% filtration efficiency of 0.3-micron particles against solid and liquid aerosols. This latex-free n95 is not surgical grade and not intended for medical use.
  • All Day Comfort - The large breathing chamber paired with ultra-soft lining ensures breathable filtered air that wont strain your lungs. Provides all-day protection with dual head straps that ensure a secure yet comfortable seal around the nose and mouth. Head straps are not ear loops in order to keep your ears from straining under a day's work.
  • Eliminates Foggy Glasses - The adjustable nose clips can be bent into its ideal position to reduce or eliminate fogging your glasses. Compatible with a variety of protective eyewear and hearing protection from Jackson Safety, 3M-Safety, Honeywell and other brands.
  • Save Money - Take advantage of lower unit pricing when buying 50 N95 Disposable Respirators. Each a mask costs less than $1 before shipping and taxes. 

Made in USA Made in USA

Application Directions

Jackson Safety N95 Disposable Respirator

Application Directions (How to wear)

Be safe and comfortable all-day with this Pouch Style N95. Wide head straps wont tug on the top of your ears like other ear loop designs and ensures a snug facial seal which prevent leakage and filtration gaps. Soft lining with a breathing chamber away from your face greatly reducing discomfort of wearing a protective mask on the job. Easily adjustable nose clip for a custom seal and better filtration. Compatible with PPE like safety glasses, safety goggles, and hearing protection. The 2 layer melt-blown filter provides minimum of 95% filtration of 0.3 micron particles as certified by NIOSH testings. Ensure the dual head straps are in place and provide a secure seal around your mouth for safe breathing. 

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