Disposable Food Service Gloves, 1.25 mil

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  • Disposable Polyethylene Food Handling Gloves 1.25 mil
  • Disposable Polyethylene Food Handling Gloves 1.25 mil
  • Disposable Plastic Gloves, FDA Approved
  • Disposable Food Service Gloves, 1.25 mil
  • Duraskin Polyethylene Gloves, Box of 100
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About this Product

Disposable Food Service Gloves

FDA Approved Protection for less than a penny!

  • Meets US Federal regulations for food contact (FDA Approved)
  • One size fits all - either hand, too. Goes on quickly and fits loosely.
  • Clear, 1.25 mil thick polyethylene material is embossed for easier gripping.
  • Single use glove keeps hands clean and offers basic contamination protection.
  • 100 Food Handling Gloves per dispenser pack
  • 10 dispensers/per box = 1000 gloves per box
  • 10 boxes per case = 10,000 gloves per case
  • 100% Recyclable


Disposable Plastic Gloves for Food Handling, Ideal for Food Service, FDA Approved, 1.25 mil

Disposable polyethylene gloves are the lowest-price food handling gloves. Versatile, lightweight, and easy to don make them best for high-volume food service work like deli counters. Our FDA Approved gloves are favorites in businesses requiring frequent glove changes. Save more on bulk buys and keep your hands clean and protect food from contamination. One size fits all. Each PE food prep disposable glove can be worn on either hand. Our disposable plastic gloves for food handling are favorites in food service corner stores and delis and at other businesses requiring frequent glove changes.


Q. What is the fit of the glove?
Loose fit. The gloves are easy to take on and off.

Q. Can poly food gloves be used by food prep staff?
A. Yes, these gloves are FDA approved. While not as strong as latex or nitrile food gloves, these poly food gloves are ideal for quick use in high volume applications.

Q. Are there right and left handed gloves in the package?
A. No, these PE gloves are ambidextrous so you don't have to worry about pulling out a right or left glove. Any glove you dispense will fit either hand.

Q. Are poly food gloves liquid-proof?
A. Yes, polyethylene gloves can resist most food related liquids. The glove also covers some of your wrist to help against liquid seeping into the gloves.

Q. Can PE food gloves be reused?
A. Poly food gloves are intended as single-use. For more durability and longer wear, try latex, nitrile, or vinyl food gloves.

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1.25 mil
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