About Us

Our Story

Serving our customers since 2006, Harmony began as a master supplier of specialized products for cleanrooms.

In 2009, Harmony experienced its first pandemic. The H1N1 scare became our first window into the surge of resellers taking advantage of the chaos. We prioritized businesses we had a relationship with, local schools, hospitals and long-term care centers. We manually reviewed orders to ensure we did not sell to resellers.

For us, the value of a business is in its support for the long-term well being of its community.

In 2020, Harmony saw the same pattern returning with Covid-19. Inexperienced resellers taking advantage of the situation bought nitrile gloves and n95 respirators in bulk attempting to resell them at a quick profit. Such price gougers profit at the expense of the health and wellness of our community. To combat this, Harmony manually reviewed orders, set purchasing restrictions, and prioritized existing customers.

The pandemic showed the fragility of our supply chain, which reinvigorated our support for local industry. Harmony now sells more products made in the United States than ever before.

In 2021, we trademarked Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies as a more accurate, defining brand for Harmony.

Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies