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Waffletechnology Smart Card Reader Cleaning Card, 40/box

Harmony Price: $23.99
  • Get Waffletechnology Smart Card Reader Cleaning Card, 40/box XKW3-HSCB40 at Harmony
  • Waffletechnology Smart Card Reader Cleaning Card, 40/box
  • Waffletechnology Smart Card Reader Cleaning Card, 40/box
  • Waffletechnology Smart Card Reader Cleaning Card, 40/box
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Harmony Price: $23.99
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Smart Card Reader Cleaning Cards, 40/box

Unique Waffletechnology Cleans better than traditional flat cards.

  • Cleaning card uses flexible, raised "waffle" platforms designed to clean read pins in smart/EMV card readers, as well as magnetic stripe readers.
  • Pre-saturated with solution that dissolves dirt, contaminants, and magnetic oxides and more. Evaporates quickly without residue and safe for electronic components.
  • Eliminate misreads with regular maintenance to save time, improve transaction completion rates, and prevent susceptibility to fraudulent transactions.
  • 40 individually-packaged KicTeam Card Reader Cleaning Cards per box.
  • KicTeam Part# KW3-HSCB40.

WaffleTechnology Smart Card Reader Cleaning Cards

Did you know that magnetic oxides contamination and other forms dirt can increase the chances of fraudulent transactions using your credit card? Good news is that you can minimize this risk by regularly cleaning your credit card reader using WaffleTechnology Smart Card Reader Cleaning Cards. These cleaners are presaturated with a solution that dissolves any contaminants inhibiting your card reader. This solution evaporates fast leaving no residual. It is also safe for cleaning electronic components.

The uniquely designed Waffletechnology “waffle” design conforms to critical EMV surface areas while also reaching more of the device interior. This single use disposable Smart card cleaner, is effective for swipe, friction heads and landings in card reader devices. It is recommended that you clean your card reader once a week, however you may need to clean more frequently if food particles, grease and grime are in the vicinity of your reader. Keeping your card reader clean will result in less card rejections and reader errors. Studies show that most card reader failures can be prevented by using a cleaning card.


Kic Team# KW3-HSCB40

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