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Sontara Wash & Dry Wipes, 100/box

Harmony Price: $27.99
  • Get Sontara Wash & Dry Wipes, 100/box XE4143 at Harmony
  • Get Sontara Wash & Dry Wipes, 100/box XE4143 at Harmony
  • Get Sontara Wash & Dry Wipes, 100/box XE4143 at Harmony
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Harmony Price: $27.99
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Sontara Solvent Wash & Dry Cloth E-4143

Engineered for the toughest demands!

Sontara® Automotive Wipes are super-absorbent Wash & Dry Cloths. Engineered to work well with all types of cleaners. Perfect for washing (applying cleaners) and drying (removing contaminants). Durable, absorbent, and virtually lint-fee. An ideal choice in settings ranging from automotive body shops, aerospace, and more. DuPont Sontara Solvent Wash and Dry Wipes offer the exceptional strength you need for any surface prep or body shop job.
  • Large and super-absorbent
  • Virtually lint-free
  • Excellent strength, wet or dry
  • Contains No Binders, Chemical Residue or Contaminants
  • Cleaner and Solvent resistant
  • Abrasion and snag resistant
  • Pop-up Box packaging
  • Cloths are 12″ x 16.5″.
  • Box of 100 blue interfolded cloths.  SAVE EVEN MORE WHEN YOU ORDER A CASE OF 8.
Sontara# E4143
Made in USA Made in USA
Unique hydroentanglement process. Made using proprietary technology for high demanding applications. High-pressure, needle-like water jets entangle polyester and pulp to form a strong, absorbent fabric web.
Manufactured without binders or additives that can contaminate your work.
Achieve the pristine finish you're looking for using Sontara Surface Preparation Wipes. Reducing sources of lint or loose fibers can cut the potential for paint defects.
Exceptional strength, excellent absorbency. Fibers are washed during fabric formation, exhibiting very low lint levels. These unique features make Sontara® ideal for the cleaning requirements of the quality-conscious user.

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