Sontara Wipes

Sontara Wipes

    Get Sontara Aerospace Wipes, 9" x 16.5", 100/box XAC9165A-Box at Harmony

    Sontara Aerospace Wipes, 9 x 16.5 in., 100/box


    Harmony Price: $19.99
      DuPont Sontara AC Aerospace Grade Wipes Stands up to solvents without falling apart! High strength. Stands up to isopropyl alcohol, MEK5, MPK6, and other aggressive solvents without falling apart. High absorbency rate, means your jobs are...
    Harmony Price: $19.99

Aerospace Grade Sontara Wipes

Did you know Sontara® products are produced with the most advanced proprietary technology. Powerful water jets weave the fabric together while purifying the material. The results are high-performing, ultra-clean, low-lint wipes and towels. All without any binders, chemicals, or adhesives to contaminate your work! Sontara® towels and wipes are the only choice if you’re looking for quality and high performance.

Pro Tip: Fold your wipes for the best performance. Wipe in ¼ folds, or halves. This lets you use more wiping surfaces and layers of absorbency, so you get the most out of your wipes. Careful not to cross-contaminate in sensitive areas. If your wipe is full and dirty, grab another one!

What are low-lint wipes and towels used for?

    • Maintenance Bays
    • Mechanic Shops and Garages
    • Industrial Facilities
    • Non-Cleanroom Production Lines
    • Aerospace Manufacturing
    • Food Processing Equipment
    • Trucking
    • Automobile manufacturing 
    • Agricultural processing
    • Machining 

Top 5 Reasons to try Dupont Sontara® Wipes & Shop Towels

    1. Debri-trapping texture and strength by design
    2. Scrubs away built-up contamination without damaging surfaces
    3. Ultra-clean manufacturing process ensures no contamination 
    4. NO added contaminants, chemicals, binders
    5. Durable, withstands wear from solvents 

Aircraft or any other industrial maintenance demands precise cleaning. When it comes the proper maintenance and cleaning of aircraft, it has to be taken seriously. You would definitely look for cleaning products that can render the task perfectly without investing a huge amount of money. Have you thought about making use of aerospace grade wipes?

Sontara Wipe Applications

Other than their usage in the aerospace maintenance and manufacturing, aerospace grade wipes have wide and extensive applications in other sectors as well. When it is about critical cleaning in industries like electronics, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, power generation, etc. Sontara can be of great help. In fact, they can be highly effective in the maintenance of military weapons, coating application preparation, and machining operations.

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