Office Wipes

Office Wipes

    Get Simple Green Safety Towels, 10" x 12", 75/can, 6/case LSMP13351 at Harmony

    Simple Green Safety Towels, 10 x 12 in., 75/tub, 6/case

    Simple Green

    Harmony Price: $94.99
      Simple Green Safety Towels, 10" x 12" Cleans grease, oil, tar, soot and more - quickly and safely. Larger, heavy-duty wipes are a quick, easy, safe and effective way to clean grease, oil, fluids, tar, soot and more from most industrial...
    Harmony Price: $94.99

Office Antibacterial Wipes

Shop our collection of premium-quality general office cleaning wipes and specialty office equipment cleaning wipes with everyday price discounts on all products from Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies. CleanTex phone cleaning wipes are designed to kill all non-spore forming bacteria and staph while wiping away surface dirt. Use these phone wipes to clean telephones, cell phones, smartphones, microphones and office dictating machines.
CleanTex Ink Off wipes will clean your hands of toner stains from printers, typewriter ink and computer printer smudges. This office cleaning wipe is a go-to buy for office equipment providers, mailroom workers and IT staff to clean equipment and ink stains from their hands. Ink Off wipes are pre-saturated with a special ink remover solution. Clean & Safe anti-microbial hand-cleaning wipes cleanse hands and leaves them refreshed. Shop our inexpensive general office cleaning wipes that will remove stains, dust and grime from all metal and plastic surfaces. Take some home to wipe clean your home office equipment.