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Presaturated Wipes & Swabs

Presaturated Wipes & Swabs

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    Get Puritan Self-Saturating 91% Alcohol Swabs, Foam Tip 4545 at Harmony

    Puritan Self-Saturating 91% Alcohol Swabs, Foam Tip

    Puritan Medical Products

    Harmony Price: $18.49
      Puritan Popule Alcohol Swab - 91% Alcohol Just Press and Squeeze - always fresh! Simply squeeze the handle to break the seal and squeeze - allowing the solution to saturate the foam tip. Clean and remove buildup quickly and easily. Some...
    Harmony Price: $18.49

Need 90% Isopropyl Alcohol Wipes?

The simplest way to clean just about any surface or product is with pre-saturated wipes and swabs. Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies stocks only the best pre-treated cleaning products to help keep your sensitive machines and components properly maintained. Even the simplest things like keeping your monitor clean with computer wipes will keep everyone productive and content. Keep junk out of your inbox with keyboard swabs. Bank tellers who have ever had to deal with the public will know that a canon cr25 keeps check scanning machines spotless. 

Our range of pre-saturated wipes, such as our card reader cleaning card are ideal to maintain efficiency at grocery stores, gas stations, and everywhere that accepts chip credit cards. 90% isopropyl alcohol wipes can handle most applications; customers love them. But many find 70% isopropyl alcohol wipes to be more than enough; you can always contact us for help! 

All of your favorite manufacturers of presaturated wipes, swabs and cleaning cards are represented in our selection, including TekniPure, Bausch & Lomb, Sani-Com, Puritan, Waffletechnology, KIC Team and CleanTex.

Pre-Wetted / Pre-Saturated Wipes

Our selection includes pre-saturated wipes featuring isopropyl alcohol, antibacterial solutions and other cleaning mediums that help you keep your equipment working efficiently. Pre-treated wipes are often recommended because they provide a more uniform, consistent clean compared with spray bottles. Choose general-purpose wet cleaning wipes or opt for styles specifically designed for cleaning lenses, electronics and more. Labs love our Chempad and lint free cleanroom wipes. Everyone enjoys fast shipping and low prices when you shop with us.