General Purpose

General Purpose

    Save on Scott Shop Towels, 55 sheets/roll, 30 rolls/carton, KCC75130 at Harmony

    Scott Shop Towels, 55 sheets/roll, 30 rolls/carton


    Harmony Price: $99.99
      Scott Shop Towels, Standard Roll, 11" x 10.4" Multi-purpose Shop Towels for almost any job! Premium quilted 2-ply paper towel. Utility shop towels are ideal for many automotive shop (painting, detailing, or cleaning) tasks. Designed to...
    Harmony Price: $99.99

Commercial General Purpose Wipes

There are few workplace environments that couldn't benefit from high-quality, commercial cleaning wipes. Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies offers a broad selection of high-performance wipes for cleaning, dusting, wiping, absorbing and applying cleaners. We carry both wet and dry wipes to accommodate for a wide range of surfaces and environments, with general-purpose wipes by Chicopee and other top brands. The team here at Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies is more than happy to help you determine which type of wipe is best for your environment, whether it be an industrial, medical, cleanroom or education facility.
Our selection includes a large variety of convenient cloth wipes for dusting, polishing, painting and staining. Highly absorbent, commercial-grade rags made from 100 percent recycled cloth are perfect for the eco-conscious business looking for affordable cleaning supplies that meet extreme demands. We also carry healthcare towels with specialty designs that better dislodge and remove biomatter from surfaces, as well as disposable dusting cloths that are treated with a convenient adhesive to trap and hold dust without leaving behind residue. All of these wipes are made by industry leaders known for reliable quality.

Versatile Wet and Dry Wipes at a Great Price

Our selection of Chicopee wipes also includes fast-drying wet wipes that make the perfect alternative to costly and wasteful paper towels. Use Chix All Day Wet Wipes for soaking up liquid and cleaning tables, countertops and appliances. Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies is a top-notch choice for those looking for Chix Masslinn dust cloths, which are treated to pick up dust while enhancing the finish of various surfaces. These absorbent and versatile commercial wipes include fast shipping and many qualify for volume discounts when you buy from us.