Cleanroom Polyester Wipes

Cleanroom Polyester Wipes

    TekniClean Laser Sealed Edge Knit Cleanroom Wiper (4 Sizes) | Harmony Lab and Safety Supplies

    TekniClean Laser Sealed Edge Polyester Knit Cleanroom Wiper (4 Sizes)


    Harmony Price: $19.99
    TekniClean Laser Sealed Polyester Knit Cleanroom Wipe Save money without sacrificing performance! 100% High Strength Polyester fiber (continuous filament, double knit, 120 g/m2) resulting in ultra low particle and fiber generation. Soft texture...
    Harmony Price: $19.99

Polyester Cleanroom Wipes

Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies Cleanroom Polyester Wipes are made from high strength 100% continuous filament polyester, minimizing particle/fiber generation, and have a soft texture that won't scratch sensitive surfaces. Cleanroom Polyester Wipes provide superior absorbency and construction. These wipes are cleanroom laundered and packaged for low particle and extractable levels. Works well with IPA and solvents, and is acid resistance. Excellent durability for cleaning rough, abrasive, or irregular surfaces. Perfect for Clean Environments. Recommended for removal of particulates and contaminates. Ideal for: Semiconductor Production, Aerospace, Disk Drive Production, Pharmaceutical, General Cleanroom Cleaning.

Cleanroom polyester wipes are a good choice for your cleanroom environment because they are specifically designed to minimize particle and fiber generation. Plus, the super-soft texture made of high-strength 100 percent continuous filament polyester ensures that the wipes won't scratch sensitive surfaces. Not only are Teknipure and Unitek polyester cleanroom wipes ideal due to their superior absorbency and construction, but they are also cleanroom-laundered and packaged for low particle and extractable levels. Plus, they meet stringent standards so they are safe for use in your space. Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies is happy to help you find the ideal cleanroom wipes for your environment, budget and quantity needs.

If you are searching for a good-quality cleanroom wipe for applying solvents for ultra-cleanliness, Teknipure sealed edge cleanroom wipes are a premier choice. These wipes have an ultrasonic sealed edge to minimize fiber release and are solvent-safe with double-bag cleanroom packaging. You may also consider trying out two-ply quilted cleanroom wipes if you need extra particle control and softness. These wipes are equipped with a continuous filament, interlocking pattern with a double-knit design that provides a soft texture and additional fiber and particle control. Two different sizes are available to meet your particular needs.

Our extensive line of TekniClean Cleanroom Wipers are compatible with ISO Class 5-7 (Class 100-10000) environments and are produced in ISO 9001 environments to ensure the best wipe quality. They're all a great choice for cleaning rough, abrasive or irregular surfaces and are also recommended for the removal of particulates and contaminates. Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies is your one-stop shop for all cleanroom supplies, and we have a huge selection of cleanroom wipes from which to choose. Explore our entire selection to find more styles made of microfiber, poly/cellulose and other great materials.