Cleanroom Wipes

Cleanroom Wipes

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    TekniZorb Polyester/Cellulose Nonwoven Cleanroom Wipe


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    TekniZorb Polyester/Cellulose Nonwoven Cleanroom Wipe More absorbency than other cleanroom wipers! The hydroentangled blend of 55% polyester and 45% cellulose creates a strong, clean and highly absorbent cleanroom wipe. Low particle and fiber...
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    List Price: $21.95
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Cleanroom Wipes

Cleanroom wipes aren't like ordinary wipes because they're made differently.
Cleanroom Wipes feature lower levels of lint to protect against contaminants, and some boast higher levels of absorbency, resistance to chemicals and abrasion, and in general, better cleaning capabilities. They're also softer, making them safe for use on sensitive equipment. Like the cleanrooms themselves, cleanroom wipes have different classifications to be used in corresponding cleanrooms. Many of our cleanroom wipes are compatible with ISO class 6 or higher. Our cleanroom wipes are also produced in cleanroom environments, to ensure the highest possible quality.

Cleanroom wipes (lint free disposable wipes) may look awfully similar to ordinary wipes, but they're quite different. These wipes are made with lower lint levels to protect against contaminants, and some are more absorbent with a higher resistance to chemicals and abrasion. These features make them ideal for use on sensitive equipment and in demanding cleaning jobs. Like the cleanrooms themselves, cleanroom wipers have different classifications to be used in corresponding cleanrooms. Many of the cleanroom wipes available at Harmony Business Supplies are compatible with ISO class 6 or higher. Our cleanroom wipes are also produced in cleanroom environments to ensure the highest possible quality.

You'll find a variety of different options in our selection of cleanroom wipers, including ESD wipes, sterile cleanroom wipes, pre-saturated wipes and wipes made of microfiber, polyester and poly/cellulose. If you're looking for a style that's resistant to buildup of electrostatic discharge, then our ESD cleanroom wipes are a must. They can be safely used by electronics manufacturers, semiconductor manufacturers and other environments where the control of electrostatic buildup is critical. Our presaturated cleanroom wipes (ipa cleanroom wipes) come pre-treated with isopropyl alcohol (IPA) in percentages ranging from 9 to 70 for great cleaning performance, consistency and convenience when you need IPA on demand.

Choose from a wide range of materials to suit your particular needs. Cleanroom microfiber wipes are a popular choice for cleaning scratch-sensitive surfaces, while polyester cleanroom wipes are preferred in environments where minimizing particle and fiber generation is key. We also supply poly/cellulose wipes, which are always an excellent choice for general wiping and spill control because they're made of a unique blend of cellulose and polyester that feels similar to a paper towel. Shop clean room wipes manufacturers such as Teknipure, Chemtronics, Unitek and more.

We know that it can be difficult to know which type of cleanroom wipe is best for your needs, so never hesitate to contact us for one-on-one advice.

What are the Types of Cleanroom Wipe Border/Edge Seals?

Cleanroom Wipers have sealed edges to prevent particle and fiber generation and provide a clean wipe. Cleanroom wipes can have a sealed border, a sealed edge, or a cut edge. The level of fiber and particle release will depend on your wipe seal. Note the difference in sealing the border around the wipe (most clean) or just the wipe edge (most common).


Cleanroom Class 1-10 (ISO 3-4): Sealed Border

Sealed Border wipers are the cleanest & best performing choice for your most critical tasks. Maximum cleanliness and fiber control.

A proprietary process using pressure & heat is used to create a border seal for optimum fiber and particle retention, resulting in a 5mm Ultrasonic Border Seal around the border of the wipe. The most rigorous washing and border sealing process for applications requiring maximum particle and fiber retention.


Cleanroom Class 10-100 (ISO 4-5): Sealed Edge

Sealed Edge wipers are exceptionally clean and a common critical task wiper. The difference over border seals is that only the edging of the wipe is sealed instead of a border around the edge of the wipe. A Laser Sealed Edge is provided on all sides for maximum fiber and particle retention. A Ultrasonic Sealed Edge involves a process using pressure & heat to create an ultrasonic seal for fiber and particle retention. Ultrasonic Sealing is superior to Laser Sealing as it results in a softer edge, and lower carbon levels. Soft sealed edges retain all fiber in scratch sensitive applications.


Cleanroom Class 100-10,000 (ISO 5-7): Hot Knife or Laser Sealed Edge

Knit (Woven) Wipers

Light weight with a Laser Sealed Edge to provide effective contamination control in critical environments and offer the best value. Low levels of contamination and superb particle removal and retention make this the ideal wiper where economical and effective cleaning is required. Most economical critical use knit wipers.


Non-Woven Wipers

Excellent absorbency and particle removal in controlled environments. Commonly used in many general cleaning applications. Higher levels of fiber and contaminants than knit wipers. Excellent choice for economical cleaning & spill pick-up, and wrapping controlled surfaces. These non-woven wipers have Hot Knife Sealed Edges.
This edge type is intended for high-volume and large size applications.