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Stencil Oilboard

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Marsh Oil Boards

Resists ink bleed-through and results in clean, sharp marks.

  • Oils in the paperboard lubricate the punches each time a character is cut which extends the life of the stencil machine.
  • Cut with the grain to maintain rigidity.
  • Ideal for flat or curved surfaces. Will not tear or pull when cut
  • .015 "standard board" is perfect for cutting 1/2 in. and larger characters. If you are cutting smaller, just call us and we can get .007 "thin board"
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Made in USA Made in USA
Superior quality stencil oil boards.
Besides a complete range of stenciling inks, sprays, and tissues, Harmony Business Supplies offers Marsh Oil Boards and Sheets that come in various sizes. Marsh Stencil Board Sheet is an exceptionally high-quality, oil treated paper board which is cured in a plant that is solely dedicated to the production of superior grade oil board.
  • Specially formulated to resist ink bleed-through
  • Marsh oil board remains intact when cut
  • Extremely clean-cut characters
  • A large selection of standard sizes available
Oiled Stencil Boards are treated with a special blend of triple-boiled linseed oils to resist ink bleed-through. After the oil treatment, the board is cut with the grain in order to further strengthen its rigidity. This whole process is carried out in order to provide you with clean, precise, and sharp marks with your stenciling system. Moreover, the high adsorption of oil in the board self-lubricates the punches of your manual stencil machine.
After browsing through products in our inventory, you will come to a conclusion that we only offer the highest-quality products such as Marsh Oiled Stencil Board. So, take advantage of this and get affordable and dependable stencil boards at your doorstep. Browse more stencil supplies or Place your order now at (800) 899-1255.

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