Sign Machine Cleaning

Sign Machine Cleaning

    Get CleanTex Foam Covered Cotton Swab, 6", Wood Shaft, 100/bg CT720A at Harmony

    CleanTex Foam Covered Cotton Swab, 6 in., Wood Shaft, 100/bg


    Harmony Price: $27.99
      CleanTex 6" Foam Covered Cotton Swab More cleaning power! Highly Absorbent Cleaning Swab Open cell head possesses excellent capacity and cushioning, while internal cotton swab provides cushioned support and absorbency. Polyurethane foam...
    Harmony Price: $27.99

The absorbency of our swabs is perfect for using isopropyl alcohol or solvent to clear out dry ink from print heads. 

  • Huby swabs with pointed tips perfect for areas where utmost precision is required.
  • For ink related issues, the swabs are exceptionally absorbent for not just application but removal with the appropriate solution.
  • Perfect for machines of all sizes.
Clean sign machine equipment for superior results using our top brands in cleaning swabs from Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies. Enjoy discount prices on CleanTex and Puritan brands in sign machine cleaning swabs to remove dry ink from print heads. We carry swabs with pointed tips for hard-to-reach places. These swabs are made to apply isopropyl alcohol and other cleaning solvents. Save on small and large orders. We offer deep discount pricing on bulk orders.

Foam-covered cotton swabs by CleanTex have polyurethane foam that is thermally sealed over cotton swab cores for absorbency and cushioning when cleaning delicate printing equipment components. American-made Puritan anti-static foam swabs for sign machine cleaning are designed to use in static-sensitive workplace and warehouse environments. Puritan's open cell anti-static foam swabs are free of lint and residues. Use these swabs with semi-flexible polypropylene shafts for applying adhesives, too. Call toll-free or email our staff to ask about free product samples.