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Gun Cleaning Swabs

Gun Cleaning Swabs

    Get Puritan Foam Swab, Cylindrical Tip, 6", Polypropylene Shaft 1806-PF at Harmony

    Puritan Foam Swab, Cylindrical Tip, 6 in., Polypropylene Shaft

    Puritan Medical Products

    Harmony Price: $8.79
      PurSwab 6" Cylindrical Tip Foam Swab Lint Free and Non-Abrasive Foam tip swabs are made from medical grade polyurethane foam with 100 ppi (pores per square inch) - shred resistant to stand up to the toughest scrubbing. Soft, non-abrasive...
    Harmony Price: $8.79

Gun cleaning swabs from Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies will quickly absorb moisture and remove residue from your firearms with precision results. We offer discount prices on all premium brands of cleaning swabs with flexible tips and shafts for hard-to-reach components. Our Puritan swabs are made in the U.S. for superior quality. With exceptional absorbency, our swabs go to work in salt marshes and other heavy-moisture hunting grounds and target ranges.

Shop our American-made Puritan low-lint cotton swabs and foam swabs considered the best for firearm cleaning. Puritan's double cotton tipped swabs are made from pharmaceutical-grade cotton fibers that are soft and non-abrasive. Choose regular or tapered swab tips. Collectors order several styles of foam cleaning swabs and cotton swabs with mini, large and regular tips to have on hand for everyday and specialty cleaning of old and new handguns, rifles and other firearms.

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