Forensic Swabs

Forensic Swabs

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Forensic Swabs / Buccal Cell Collection

Clean, Accurate Sampling Every Time

Forensic professionals rely on high-quality forensic swabs for accurate sampling of DNA. These buccal swabs are a relatively cost-effective and non-invasive way for you to collect samples for testing. Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies offers DNA swabs in a range of unique styles, including flocked, cotton and foam forensic swabs. All of these swab types offer different benefits and are good for a range of forensic applications. We're proud to offer high-quality, American made forensic testing swabs made by Puritan and other top brands.
One of the most popular types of forensic swabs is multi-length fiber flocked swab from Puritan. These buccal collection swabs are unique in that they have a patented flocking pattern that traps more specimens than traditional swabs. Puritan flocked forensic swabs may come with built-in transport tubes for easier collection. We also carry forensic cotton swabs featuring pharmaceutical-grade cotton for extra absorbency and cleanliness. These are the most economical option, so they're often used by police department forensic labs. You'll also find foam forensic swabs, which are some of the most popular styles for buccal cell collection.

Options for Every Forensic Application

Once you've decided which type of swab tip is best for your unique needs, you can narrow our selection by special features. Many Puritan swabs can be ordered with Cap-Shure tips to prevent contamination. They come in various different tip shapes to meet your specific applications. Harmony Business Supplies is the best place to find forensic swabs, as we offer large and small quantities at excellent, low prices. You can stock up on Puritan swabs by the case in our selection and enjoy free shipping. Our swabs and applicators usually ship the same business day.