Fiber Optic Cleaning Swabs

Fiber Optic Cleaning Swabs

    Get Coventry Fiber Optic Foam Swab, 2.5mm, 500/bag X48040 at Harmony Coventry Fiber Optic Foam Swab, 2.5mm, 500/bag | Harmony Lab and Safety Supplies

    Coventry Fiber Optic Foam Swab, 2.5mm, 500/bag


    Harmony Price: $69.99
      Coventry Fiber Optic Foam Swab Quickly Clean 2.5mm connectors and ferrules. 2.5mm Flexible swab head conforms to connector face. No adhesives, binders, or fibers to leave residues. Use with Electro-Wash Fiber optic Cleaner to quickly...
    Harmony Price: $69.99

For precision cleaning, our Puritan and Coventry brand fiber optic swabs at Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies will remove contaminants fast. We negotiate the lowest prices for small and large quantities of fiber optic cleaning swabs, and same day or next day shipping is available on most orders of our fiber cleaning sticks. Coventry fiber optic sealed foam swabs have no adhesives, binders or fibers to leave residue behind. Use them to quickly clean 2.5mm connectors and ferrules.

American-made Puritan PurSwab foam tipped applicator swabs resist shredding and are lint-free. The open-cell structure of the swab tips offers superior holding capacity for cleaning solvents. When you shop our fiber optic swabs, choose the swab tip style best suited to the components you are tasked with cleaning at your workplace. Our symmetrical knitted polyester Puritan PurSwab polyester swabs have symmetrical round mini tips designed to handle acetones and other solvents used in fiber optic cleaning and installation. These knitted polyester swabs have acetal shafts.