Microfiber Swabs

Microfiber Swabs

    Get Tekniswab Paddle Tip Microfiber Swab, 5", Polypropylene Shaft, 100/bag TSMW5 at Harmony

    Tekniswab Paddle Tip Microfiber Swab, 5 in., Polypropylene Shaft, 100/bag


    Harmony Price: $21.99
      TekniSwab 5" Paddle Tip Microfiber Swab Textured tip for Superior Cleaning! Double layers of microfiber fabric (70% polyester/30% nylon) with the patented textured tip design to eliminate contamination on surfaces. Non-Abrasive Tip offers a...
    Harmony Price: $21.99

Microfiber Critical Environment Swabs

  • Safe to use on and around static sensitive components.
  • Soft and non-abrasive with very low particulates.
  • Highly resistant to normal cleaning solvents.
  • Ideal for removing contaminants and excess materials in fine assembly environments.
Cleanroom Microfiber Swabs are engineered for critical environments. Non-abrasive and soft microfiber tip creates very low particulates. Cleanroom Swabs are resistant to normal cleaning solvents which makes them suitable for clearing excess materials and contaminants in fine assembly environments.

Microfiber Critical Environment Swabs are engineered for applications: food & pharmaceutical, precision equipment, electronics, optical devices, mechanical processing, printing, etc. With superior wipe dry characteristics, microfiber swabs have a microfiber tip welded to handle without use of adhesives. There’s no glue or binder to leave behind contaminates. Puritan microfiber swabs come in small paddle, flexible paddle, small and medium pole, and in sizes ranging from 69mm to 146mm.
It is not advisable to use regular swabs in environments where minimizing particle and fiber generation are prime concerns. Always use swabs that are specifically designed for the critical environment. Flexible Cleanroom Microfiber Swabs remove residue and contaminants without affecting the environment. Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies is determined to deliver supreme quality cleanroom products at your doorstep. Check out our competitive rates before placing your order.
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