Crafts and Hobby Swabs

Crafts and Hobby Swabs

    Get Puritan Small Paddle Tip Microfiber Swab, 2.7", Polypropylene Shaft 3130 at Harmony

    Puritan Small Paddle Tip Microfiber Swab, 2.7 in., Polypropylene Shaft

    Puritan Medical Products

    Harmony Price: $18.29
        PurSwab 2.7" Small Paddle Tip Microfiber Swab Superior wipe/dry characteristics Safely remove residues and contaminants or apply liquids. Microfiber swab tips welded on without adhesives. Safe for optics/lenses. Flexible microfiber...
    Harmony Price: $18.29

Crafts and Hobby Swab Applicators

American-made Puritan craft and hobby swab sticks from Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies will let you complete your crafts for less. We have Puritan double-pointed tip cotton swabs with tightly spun cotton tips that won't lose their shape. These are ideal for creating fine details when china painting, applying adhesives, decals or painting models. These lint-free cotton swabs with hard, sharp double points are residue free. They are a go-to choice of veteran hobbyists and artists who want premium-quality swabs for precision painting, cleaning and other applications.
Our foam-tip applicator swabs for arts and crafts projects are made from medical-grade polyurethane foam. These shred-resistant foam swabs are soft, non-abrasive and lint free. They don't have adhesives or binders that could contaminate your work. Clean your valuable collectibles with Puritan's U.S.-made low-lint cylindrical tip cotton swabs. The highly absorbent cotton swab tip doesn't swell or break apart in solvents. We have dozens of styles of discount-priced swabs with rigid or flexible shafts to accommodate a variety of tasks involved in your craft making or hobbies.